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Heather Noonan is the Vice President for Advocacy for the League of American Orchestras in the League's two-person Washington, D.C. office and has been at the League for more than 20 years. Heather works with Congress, the White House, federal agencies, and a wide array of partnering national associations to improve federal policies related to the National Endowment for the Arts, education, immigration, cultural exchange, and very challenging nonprofit tax issues -- with even the stray transportation or endangered species policy along the way. Heather has aided hundreds of orchestra managers in navigating the tricky visa and tax requirements for visiting guest artists, helped to secure the right of nonprofit arts groups to access FEMA support after a disaster, and is fundamentally committed to advancing policy that will support more equitable access to arts learning for all students. When Heather is not keeping the folks on Capitol Hill focused on the public value of your orchestra, she lives in Annapolis with her jazz-musician husband Mike and young daughters.